Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Washington Post Article on Treeless Burbs

The Washington Post has a great article on the benefits of trees and tree preservation: Treeless Towns Leave Residents Exposed

"Losing a big tree means losing a valuable sponge for storm water, a root system that prevents erosion, and a filter that removes carbon dioxide and the precursors of smog. ... A denuded neighborhood also doesn't do much for resale values: Loudoun County real estate agents say they've seen buyers turned off by neighborhoods without large trees. They feel sterile, the agents say, too cookie-cutter."

So get your free tree order in now - our 2008 trees are going fast!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Trees for Jenkintown Residents

Many of the large, beautiful shade trees in Jenkintown are nearing old age and death. More and more frequently, we are seeing the demise and subsequent removal of the large trees that have made our borough so attractive.

The Jenkintown Shade Tree Commission (Gary Kimber, Anne Brennan, Drew Angus, and Vivienne Spector, and Tom Janofsky ) has been working to help replace that loss.

Last spring the Jenkintown Shade Tree Commission - along with many residents and volunteers - planted 60 bare-root shade trees! Based on the success of this effort, we will again provide shade trees free of charge to homeowners who are willing to plant the trees on their properties and care for them. Although we prefer that trees be planted on front lawns, we realize that the trees in our backyards also contribute greatly to our "urban forest", so this year we will allocate a limited number of trees for backyard plantings as well. Also, if you received a tree last year, you're welcome to another this year!

If you are interesting in participating in this program please consult our website. The Tree Commission members will be glad to help you select the best tree for your location and assist with planting if needed.

At www.jenkintowntrees.org you can view our tree database which provides information regarding the trees that we are offering this spring. You can also submit a tree request(include name,address,tree selection,and phone number), or any questions you might have.

Trees will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, so please respond quickly to reserve your tree.

The Tree commission would like to thank all those residents who have participated in the tree planting projects to date. The Borough has received many complimentary comments on the work accomplished thus far. We can all look forward to the day when the beauty and charm of big-canopy trees that once graced Jenkintown will be restored.